#SelfCareSaturday - EPIC BREAKFAST

March 30, 2019


Two nights ago, I couldn't sleep. So I found myself scrolling through Facebook, and came across an ad about a 'weekend breakfast experience'.


Fun fact about me - Breakfast is my second favourite meal, with Afternoon Tea as number one.


So, I decided to visit the site and see what it was all about.


'Epic Breakfast Company' is a small start-up business in Bristol, England. It is run by a man named 'Ollie'.

They have different breakfast packages and cater to Meat-eaters, Vegetarians and Vegans.

You could order the Prosecco package, Bloody Mary package, the Mimosa package, or just the basic breakfast package.


I ordered the basic package which cost me £25. At first, I was like 'I hope this is worth the cost', and after this morning, I can confirm to you that it is well worth it!


 What you see in this image is not even up to half of what was delivered in my box. As you can see, I had to slice my pastries and bread. This picture only contains as many items as I could fit on my tray.


The box contained:

- 2 Free-range eggs

- 2 Black puddings

- A bowl of home-made smoky and maple sweet with organic white haricot beans

- A bowl of bubble squeak

- 2 sausages

- 2 streaks of back bacon

- 500ml of freshly squeezed apple juice

- Freshly ground coffee beans

- Grilled tomatoes

- 4 mushrooms

- 2 slices of white sourdough bread

- 1 large pain au chocolat

- 1 large cinnamon roll

- A vial of pink himalayan salt

- A serving of organic butter


I sincerely hope I didn't leave anything out.

In honour of Mothers' Day weekend, my box was also delivered with a bouquet of fresh flowers.


I was super impressed with the entire service. The delivery was also made by 'Ollie' himself, looking sharply dressed!


Another thing that impressed me about this company is that they are a sustainable business. About 2 hours after my delivery, Ollie came back to pick up the box and containers to be recycled and used again. They also do not use any plastic packaging.


Epic Breakfast Company gives you an experience at the comfort of your own home. You get to cook your breakfast to suit your taste. They also send you a pdf file containing instructions on how to cook each food item.

I couldn't even finish all the items on my tray and I'm pretty sure I have enough breakfast to sustain me till Tuesday.


So if you're in Bristol, click this link 'Epic Breakfast' to place an order, and you will get £5 for your purchase.







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