Am I Reaping Or Am I Sowing ?

February 12, 2019

I have been reading Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyer for about three months now. This is quite a long time to read one book, but there is so much information that I sometimes need a week to let it all sink in. 


In one of the chapters of the book, Joyce Meyer talks about how it is important to not judge other people. Besides the fact that this is a commandment given to us from God, it is simply wrong. One thing she mentioned that really stuck to me was the question that happens to be the title of this blog post.


Often times, we come across situations where we feel like we are being treated unfairly. Joyce Meyer urges us to ask ourselves if we are reaping or sowing, in those situations.


Recently, I’ve faced some frustration as the leader of the gospel choir team at my university and it got me thinking of the many times I criticised my worship team leaders (in my head) in the worship teams that I have been a part of.


Those times I thought to myself that I could do a better job than them.

Those times that thought that I could do a better job at picking the right songs for the team or choosing the right harmonies.

Today, I said out loud to myself “I am surely reaping”. It actually made me laugh because it really taught me a great lesson.


You should not criticise anyone until you’ve walked in their shoes. 


For a long time, I asked God to put me in charge of a worship team because I believed that I was capable of doing the job with little to no struggle. God has quickly humbled me.

Although I enjoy the task and have also discovered ways to get through certain challenges, I have also learnt a lot on how to take criticisms and learn from them.


This week, when faced with certain challenges, try to ask yourself this question:


“Am I reaping or am I sowing?”


It will surely make a difference in your approach to some areas of your life.




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