February 16, 2018



Hey guys!!!!


Since the vegan challenge ended, I haven’t been posting a lot. It’s actually because I’ve had a lot of business to take care off. 


How was your Valentine’s Day ?

Mine was amazing.

I spent it with one of my best friends in the world Akunna (Her Blog) and we went to The Oxo Tower Restaurant in London for lunch.


Akunna took some amazing pictures of my food which was amazing and I decided to blog about how I still manage to eat healthy when I go out to eat. 

(This is different from getting takeaway.) 


Now we all know that a three course meal contains a starter, a main and a dessert. I advice having three course meals when you go out for meals as opposed to having a large main.


The key is small meals for each category.


The Starter


I had salmon as my starter as you can see above. It’s a protein, so it keeps you fuller for longer and it has very good nutritional benefits.


The Main


For my main, I had chicken with garnishings like onions and breadcrumbs. Also a protein. Now you would notice I didn’t have any chips (or whatever you would order with chicken) on the side because in my head, I was anticipating my next dish. Because of that, I didn’t want to get too full for my dessert.

Also, proteins don’t make you feel tired after eating as opposed to heavy carbs like a big bowl of chips.


The Dessert

For my dessert, I had chocolate cake and it was a little slice but the extras on the side like the fruits, gave me the perception that there was a lot more on my plate.


A three course meal with small meals for each section, can be quite filling and not calorie packed because you convince yourself that you have a lot to eat and are more careful to eat smaller portions and by the time you get to your dessert, you feel full from all the protein you’ve eaten.


So next time you go out for a fancy lunch or dinner, try my method and I hope you discover all sorts of dishes on your menu as opposed to your usual ribs or steak platter.





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