February 13, 2018


I made it to the finish line.

Now what you guys don’t know is that I publish these posts a day late, so as we speak, I have already completed the vegan challenge.


This challenge has been such a ride. I looked at myself this morning and took a picture to compare to the picture I took on day ten and I looked exactly the same but with bigger muscles because I still carried on with strength training and even harder. I decided not to put up those pictures because I am not very comfortable with opening myself up to people who enjoy body shaming others.


I told my friend at work last weekend that I was so over the challenge and I couldn’t wait to be done because I honestly haven’t seen any major changes in my body besides the fact that I feel much lighter and more energetic. However, I haven’t lost weight.


She helped me to understand that before the challenge I was almost a vegetarian. The majority of my meals contained so many veggies with chicken and beef as sides. I ate complex grains like quinoa and brown rice. I didn’t eat sugar but had alternatives like honey and I drank almond milk instead of animal milk. So my body didn’t really feel that much of a difference. I believe that for someone like me, in order to see massive changes from the vegan challenge, I would have to do the Beyoncé Vegan Challenge which costs about $300 (I heard, could be more, could be less).


So what was the point of everything ?


Almost 2 weeks before I decided to be vegan, God told me to do the vegan challenge. He asked me to do it as a form of fasting, depriving my flesh of something it is used to. And every day of the challenge, God did something new and spoke something new to me. Today, He ended the challenge by inspiring me with life changing news which I would be sharing in the future.


As much as I’m excited to go back to eating meat, I have to say “I’m not craving meat at all”. You know how they say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, I can testify to that. 


5 things I have learnt during this challenge.


 1. Time flies. Going a month back to when I was still announcing to my friends that I would be going vegan, I can’t believe the challenge is already over.


2. There are certain things you think you need because of the popular opinion about them but when you deprive yourself of these things, you realise that they were never really making an impact in your life. This includes people.


3. When you place yourself in a position of humility, you exalt God above your problems and above every other thing around you, leading you to a place of complete and total dependence on God. No other place I would rather be.


4. Look at the bigger picture. You have to keep looking ahead of you and stay focused on what’s really important to you. The things you’re dealing with right now, may seem like stress and seem like they are not worth it but you must keep your eye on the price. If you have to place a note by your bed to remind you of where you want to be, do that and let that be your driving force and your source of motivation whenever you feel like giving up.




I would be sharing my first non vegan meal

tomorrow and I’m excited that I now get to upload more interesting recipes. Yay!


Thank you for visiting my blog once again. Have an amazing rest of the day.


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