February 10, 2018

What's up guys !!!!


I haven't blogged in two days and I have been so sad about it because it was due to dire situations.


These last few days have been very stressful and emotional for me and from my previous post I'm sure you already know why.


My dissertation was really stressing me and I finally submitted an important part of it tonight.


Once again, God has been teaching me that He Would Always Show Up On Time!

I was in some situations this week that I was financially helpless in and God showed me that if I could just trust Him, He would provide for me and He did just that without me even having to ask. He Is In Love With Me and It's The Greatest love Ever Because He Is Love.


I finally filmed my first workout video which would be coming out this weekend and I am so excited to take you guys on this journey with me, I'm also very excited to give you guys more regarding fitness. So be on the lookout this weekend for it.


Besides that, I'm so ready to be done with my challenge.

Not long left !!! Thank God! 


My diet has been really poor these last few days. Poor But Vegan Still. I have now learnt that vegan doesn't automatically translate to healthy (lol). However, I have learnt so much which I would be sharing on the last day of this challenge.


So now I have to go back to editing my workout video.

Thanks for visiting once again guys and I'm very sorry I don't have my meals uploaded again due to the fact that it wasn't a proper eating day and I don't want you guys to imitate that :( 


Please check back again tomorrow.




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