February 1, 2018


If you know me well enough, you'll know that I'm good at a whole lot of things. I love to cook, I love to sing, I love to workout, I love school, I make wigs as well and I do a whole lot of other things.


Now some people say a jack of all trades is a master of none. Honestly, I believe it's true most of the time, only because it's hard to put in effort into every single one of these things.

I also have a YouTube channel, I tried to make it a makeup channel but I discovered that I didn't like makeup enough to be outstanding in that field.

I used to have a blog before this one where I would put up my spoken word poetry and some inspirational write ups but honestly, I still didn't like that enough to be consistent.


All the while I was doing this, I loved working out. You can wake me up at 4am and I would be running to the gym because it's a part of me, some people tell me that it's embedded in my DNA (lol).

But even with that, I have discovered that I can't be outstanding if I don't train hard and consistently.

This to me includes eating right, getting enough sleep, going for my personal training sessions and managing my time effectively.

I have a naturally athletic build but I never knew the extent that my body could go until I started putting in the work.


So when you find that thing (or things) that you are amazing at, you need to "fan it into flames" and put in your absolute best.

That is how real stars are made.


Today's Meals:

Breakfast - Strawberry Smoothie

Snack - Vegan Protein Bar

Lunch - Quinoa Falafel And Veg Rice

Dinner - Chickpea Stew and Curry Rice




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